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My Passion and Purpose…

Who would have thought, a day before we got the message that our country was on lockdown and my kids would be doing school from home on zoom, I decided I wanted to do a podcast? When you pay attention and listen to that inner voice and take action that is when you see your dreams come true. Manifesting “MAGIC” is what I call it, which is why I called my podcast “Uncover Your Magic.” I believe everyone has “MAGIC,” and I want the world to understand how the Law of Attraction works and share with them how each of my guests has discovered their Magic!

After a year of producing almost 50 episodes, I discovered I wanted to teach children and teenagers the Law of Attraction. I have two girls who are 14 and 16 who I have taught since they could talk about the Magic of gratitude, I am statements, envisioning their goals as if they are complete, and so much more. Now, in my Raising Confidence Course, I teach children ages 8-23 morning rituals, goal setting with action and clarity, and they discover their core values and self-limiting beliefs.

After completing this 8-week course, these kids realize they are so much more powerful than they thought, and they can be, do or have anything. They wake up happy and in gratitude and know they are the co-creators of their reality. They understand vibration and how to move more quickly from low to high! We discover their triggers and live in a high vibration, so they experience “MAGIC” daily!

Uncover Your Magic podcast has been a true gift and inspiration in my life. I have learned and grown from each guest I have interviewed and have made lasting friendships with each one. There is definitely MAGIC in podcasting, and I will be forever grateful I listened to that small voice telling me to make a podcast!

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