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Ashley Gonor

Hi, I’m Ashley Gonor! I’m the Coach and Creator of Raising Confidence. I coach Children, Teens, and Young Adults to create a mindset that empowers and inspires them to live their best life!

I’m on a mission to empower millions of kids to learn the tools that will equip them to live a life with confidence, where they know that they can Be, Do or Have Anything.

The 6-Step Magical Formula that I have developed is currently transforming lives by helping Children, Teens, and Young Adults in my Raising Confidence Course. During the pandemic, it just lit me up to see how my students applied the Formula to navigate the challenges they faced!


Raising Confidence

LIVE ZOOM 1:1 Coaching Course for Children, Teens, and Young Adults ages 8-23. In eight weeks, learn my proven 6-Step Magical Formula with tools and techniques to:

  • Manifest a Positive Mindset and change your life!
  • Create Daily Positive Affirmations to support your positive mindset!
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The M A G I C Path

LIVE Zoom Group Coaching to learn the tools for Manifesting and the Law of Attraction! We will meet once a week for 8-weeks to uncover what is blocking you from manifesting and creating unlimited abundance.

You can have a healthier body, better relationships, and even a new career of your dreams.

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Alumni Membership

The 6-Magical Steps continue in the Alumni Membership Group!

I have created the Alumni Membership for my students to have a place to connect and continue their growth in the 6-Magical Steps.

Your Monthly Membership includes:

  • Weekly text messages to keep you on track and growing.
  • Monthly group Zoom Coaching.
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Coaching Services

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